Be Kind Be Generous is a website made to spread ideas, entertain and innovate a new way to inspire thoughts. Thought the collection of T-shirts, EBooks, Artwork we want to create products that promote the values of generosity. At the same time we want these same products to be responsible for creating changes within our communities.

What Be Kind Be Generous: have to offer?


The overall goal of Be Kind Be Generous is to spread compassionate ideas, perhaps even change perspectives that would lead to new ways of inspiring goodwill. The business approach we have is known as “Conscious Capitalism,” which entails that we conduct business with the benefit of everyone in mind. The practice includes being aware of the consumers, the environment, and employees. As a business we feel that it is our responsibly to be aware of the communities’ we serve and the people who are taking time to invest in our products. Most importantly, we chose to give a percentage of our net profit to different causes that will affect our community. We want to create something unique that will provide an amalgamation to carry our message. Our products are our way of giving consumers an option, where instead of buying from a business that is selling you a product for their own benefit, you can buy from a business that cares about the betterment of us all.